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About Us

We are the company that cares for your online safety and the privacy of the public on the internet.

We understand the importance of your online safety and your privacy, we do care about it. We give you solution to protect your self.

BRIWPED protect you by giving you instant password encryption which ensures only you know your password and we further ensure that browsers don't send your password over internet but rather the encrypted hash code. BRIWPED also enable your browsers to only save hash code of your password then the plain actual password to ensure no one ever sees your password.

BRIWPED also sends you an instant notification to your BRIWPED App whenever there's a login activity to any of your accounts with the ability to instantly stop or kick out fraudulent logins to any of your accounts.

  • Latest encryption systems used.
  • Real-time account protection.
  • One stop solution for all your account protection and best of all it is affordable $1.80/Acc/pm.


These are the benefits you get by using BRIWPED.

Instant Password Encryption

Your password is instantly encrypted as soon as you are done typing it and also as soon as your browser supplies with it if you had set your browser to remember your passwords.

Browser only save hash code

Your browsers will save not your actual password as it does now, but it will save hash code of your password which is only decrypted on your encrypted device to ensure you are safe.

Latest & up to-date encryption

We provide with the high quality data protection and privacy because we understand the importance of online safety which is why we use the latest encryption to ensure you are safe.

Instant Notification

You get instant notification to your BRIWPED App on any login to any of your account with the ability to control account login access instantly in one App for all your accounts.

Only hash is sent over Internet

We understand the importance of your essential personal data which is why we ensure that websites do not send your password over the internet because it a sensitive and personal information.

Instantly stop logins

BRIWPED instantly stop any active login activity in a click of a button and instantly kick out any logged-in user on your account on a click of a button and permanently burn that device.

Why choose us?

If not us, who else gives you so much protection?

We care for the safety of our people online, which is why we are dedicated on ensuring that you are always safe.

As we are in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) it is very important not only for the organizations or businesses to take into serious consideration the importance of data security for the end-users but we as individuals have to ensure that we protect our data. BRIWPED gives users the tool/service to protect their accounts which will solve all your account hacking problems as you can instantly stop fraudulent logins on any of your account using BRIWPED.

We have a very strong passionate team, with many years of experience in data protection and privacy. Our team share same goal of making the internet safe for all and ensure your essential data is highly secured by constantly updating our offering features as well as our systems and algorithms used to secure your essential data so no one ever sees your actual private information and or get your private information over the internet. Your private information should remain private and only known by you and not even the site owners of the sites you are using or logging on.

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Register and get BRIWPED now on your website and protect your accounts instantly.

Enjoy internet to the fullest with full account protection from BRIWPED.

Internet is a very flexible and biggest communication medium used globally and websites gives more professional internet presence which is why everyone uses internet. It also should be protected so everyone is safe and hack free.

We ensure that your essential data like your password remains private and only known by you and no one else, we do this by instantly encrypting your password so that your browser saves encrypted hash and also when you login only the encrypted hash code is sent over the internet and not your password. This means that your password will never leave your device ever again to the server with BRIWPED.

Powerful one App solution for all your accounts.

BRIWPED App is only installed on one mobile phone and a strict re-installation process to ensure that only you re-install your App to another device.

With BRIWPED App you get instant notification on any active login session and if you were offline you get notification once online and can still kick out already logged-in sessions with a click of a button.

BRIWPED instantly burn the browser that has been marked to be used by criminal, this burn ensures that browser is never allowed to access that not just account but the entire website login page ever again.


Our prices are structured to be more affordable and meet your needs.

$0.0030 Days

Free trial

  • unlimited Account Protection
  • Instant App notification
  • Instantly Stop fraudulent logins
  • 30 Days Protection
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Regular Plan

  • Single Account Protection
  • Email and SMS + App notifications
  • + Basic Plan features
  • 30 Days Protection
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Promotional Plan

  • Unlimited Account Protection
  • Instant App notification
  • Instantly Stop fraudulent logins
  • 12 Months Protection
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the answers to the questions we get.

  • BRIWPED is a solution that secure your password by using the high quality, latest technology systems that uses complex mathematics formulas to secure your password by calculating it using these systems to get the salt of your password and encrypt that salt to get the hash codes that is used to recalculate your password back to it original form. The purpose is to replace your actual password with a secure data so your browser can use it instead of using your actual password even when you login.

  • TLS will secure your data during the transportation which is a secure layer used to encrypt and decrypt your data, but on both ends you can get the sent data where on the client (user-side) you listen before Network Access Card (NAC) and on server side, the data would have been decrypted so you can get it, but with BRIWPED your data is protected as soon as you are done typing it and also as soon as your browser supplies with it if you had set your browser to remember it. Passwords are encrypted always and when logging in your actual password is not sent over internet at all but your password hash code. During the transportation on top of BRIWPED encryption if you uses TLS then it adds it own encryption and also provide with a secure communication channel.

  • No, TLS provides with secure communication channel which encrypt data during transportation. BRIWPED on the other hand instantly encrypt your password as soon as you are done typing it and also as soon as your browser supplies with it. It let your browsers save not your actual password but the secure hash code of your passwords. It further ensures that your actual password is never used and also not sent over the internet.

  • No, BRIWPED protects all accounts even on third party websites but the website owner has to enable it on their websites.

  • It very easy you just simply have to register your BRIWPED account and add your service and download our App and login.

  • This is absolutely free to enable on any system.

  • You can simply search for BRIWPED on YouTube to see in action videos, also you can find us on Facebook, Twitter.

  • This is for everyone who cares for their online safety and those who value their essential data and their accounts as well as website owners that cares for their users privacy in this Forth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

  • We will shortly offer a free 30 days trial period, only then you can test it for free.

  • Yes that's true, you can make money on your website if you are the website owner with our new programme you can make money and best of all you don't have to pay anything.

  • Our system is very secure and flexible to ensure that we cover all digital sectors including Mobile App development, PC Software, as well as Banking, IoT and Online payments. This requires you to directly contact us so that we will guide you.That because it a bit different from the normal protection, this encrypt everything on your payment page because the information a user type there should be private at all times.

  • It very easy, we currently accept instantEFT and also bank deposit. There's no POP required for instantEFT because our system is connected with our payment gateway to facilitate the payment and we get instant notification from our payment gateway and your protection will start instantly our system receive this notification digitally.

  • Firstly we would like to thank you for supporting us in ensuring that we make internet safe for all, to join please send us an email to our team will contact you.